Specialist sectors

Staffing firms and PEOs - including Client Company Cover

Auto dealers

Restaurants & Hotels

Law Firms

Property Managers (including tenant discrimination)



No excluded classes


Product Benefits

In-house binders and binding authorities for MGAs

24 hour turnaround

Tailor made coverage

Stand alone or combined with D&O, Fiduciary and Crime

Inclusive risk management services - including helpline

Worldwide coverage

Third Party, Punitive Damages and Defence Outside Limits cover

Diluted Hammer clause 80/20 in Insured's favour

Wage and Hour coverage in all States including California

Master Policies for Associations, Memberships and RPGs

Binding authorities for MGAs

Limits up to USD 15 million on primary or excess basis

Stand-alone Sexual Molestation Product - for executive officers, directors, trustees, employees, coaches and counsellors



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