10 Things You Didn't Know About THB


Our official birthday is 21st March – according to astrologers this makes us friendly, sincere and home-loving, though we like to explore the world too. Surprisingly accurate!


Vic Thompson established the business in 1968 in a room at his parents’ house. Vic headed the company until he retired in 2009.


Originally Thompson Heath & Bond (and still the legal name of our Lloyd’s Broker operation), Vic confesses there never was a Mr Heath or a
Mr Bond – he thought three names sounded better. We agree - who doesn’t like the sound of a mysterious Mr Bond?


We’ve had a foothold in the United States since the 1970s so it’s only fitting that we joined forces with AmWINS (the largest wholesale broker in the US) in 2012.


We have dozens of colleagues with over 30 years’ service, and as well as the young-at-heart we also have a growing “THB young professionals” group numbering over 100 colleagues.


Our Women@THB group has welcomed some outstanding speakers including Chartered Insurance Institute CEO Sian Fisher and THB’s first chairwoman, Lorraine Adlam…


… and Lorraine Adlam featured in the 2017 and 2018 “Influential Women in Re/Insurance” publications by Intelligent Insurer.


Reaching a deal with PWS for THB to acquire its overseas operations in 2008, including its Amsterdam office, coincided with the two leaders of the Amsterdam office reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Joaquim Caria and Paul Lindeboom had cleverly taken a THB flag with them to proudly display at the summit, sealing a fantastic business relationship in style.


Our biennial Christmas parties for Underwriters are infamous and invitations are highly prized, and the Pimms at our annual Lloyd’s Rugby 7s marquee is legendary. No-one does hospitality like THB.


We love being 50! We’ve outlasted many a competitor, and as part of the AmWINS family (with its own 150 year vision) we have more financial and market muscle than ever before so we’re here to stay.

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